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It all began whilst deployed over in Afghanistan serving with the Australian Army. Rob's sister gave birth and while deployed, could not wait to get back home and be the cool, adventurous uncle, to his new niece. The only issue? There were very few baby carriers out there that suited the active, outdoors lifestyle and most were simply designed for women.

While overseas serving in Afghanistan Rob met Josh who was planning a family of his own upon return to Australia, and during what little downtime there was, brainstormed ideas on what would make the ideal baby carrier for outdoor adventures. Not only to suit a simple walk around the block to the shops, but also to be durable and be comfortable for parents and baby on a hike exploring the wilderness for hours on end.

After lots of research and development, and using Josh's contacts with the same company that makes equipment for the Australian Defence Force, that have proven to withstand some of the harshest environments in the world yet still being comfortable, they came up with the Onward Adventure Baby Carrier.

We believe in the quality of the product so much that is why it is backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Infancy is some of the most important time during a child’s life. Development during infancy lays the foundation for later development such as higher level motor skills, hands skills, visual skills, speech and feeding skills. With a baby carrier that has been internationally recognised as hip-healthy for the infant, what better way to spend those valuable years exploring the outdoors with the little one right there with you. Creating memories the family will remember for the rest of their lives.

Designed for every day, unmatched in the wild.
Welcome to Onward... where adventure awaits!